Monday, April 4, 2011

Velocity of a stream is greatest (Just below the surface in the middle of the channel)
As stream discharge increases, velocity (increases)
Stream load consists of  (bed load, suspended load, and dissolved load)
The maximum particle size that a stream is capable of transporting is (capacity)
An oxbow lake is (an abandoned meander still holding water)
The lowest level to which a stream may erode is called (base level)
Vidence of former floodplains on a downcutting stream is (stream terraces)
The future of the Mississippi River channel is (a shift to the course of the current Atchafalaya River),
All the following are characteristics of a stream on a broad floodplain except (rapids)
Stream lengthening upslope at the valley head is called (headward erosion)
Water gaps in the Appalachian mountains are caused by (stream erosion through folded terrain by superposed streams)
Urbanization (increases the likelihood of flash flooding)
Flooding occurs (when discharge exceeds the channel capacity)
A stream pattern on granitic terrain is (dendritic)
The level below which the soil and rock are saturated with water is called (the water table)
Of all the repositories of fresh water in the hydrosphere the smallest is (river water)
Roundwater flows (perpendicular to the contours of the water table)
Which of the following has the least permeability? (Shale)
A rock unit that transmits groundwater is called an (aquifer)
Low pressure experienced where a gaining stream exists causes (groundwater to follow curved paths)
A well in which the water rises naturally above the aquifer is an (artesian) well.
Correction of potential saltwater contamination of groundwater can be accomplished by (collecting surface runoff into basins which allow seeping into the groundwater)
Which common rock forming mineral or mineral group is most readily dissolved by groundwater? (calcite)
(stalactite) is an icicle like speleothem that grows down from the roof of a cavern.
The hot deposits at mammoth hot springs yellowston are travertine. What rock probably lies somewhere beneath the hot springs? (limestone)
A lens of fresh groundwater in an unconfined aquifer overlies deeper salty groundwater. If the water table drops by one foot how far will the interface between the freshwater and salty water rise? (40 feet)
Which of the followng can logically be concluded by speleothems/dipstone hanging from a cave roof?
The cave roof was above the water table when the speleothems formed.